Thursday, July 30, 2009

My New Home!

Well, it looks like I will be moving into my new apartment next Monday. I can't wait. I will miss Julie, of course, but I guess I am just used to being alone and so is Julie. It will be nice to get settled again. I feel like I have been in limbo for the past month. Julie has been wonderful and we get along great but it still isn't my home, if you know what I mean. Jan told me that she is taking Monday as a personal day so that she can help me get moved in. Isn't that the sweetest thing? I just love her for that. Her mother lives in the same building that I am moving into so she can check on her mother as well as helping me out tremendously. I am blessed to have caring friends like that. I have a job and I am basically healthy, except for the arthritis, but that's another story.

I have also decided to make a nutritional life change once I am settled into my new home. My arthritis in my knee and hips is getting so bad that I can barely walk when I get up after sitting for a while. There are some nights that the pain wakes me up in the middle of the night it hurts so bad. The doctor has already mentioned a hip replacement and a knee replacement. With the medical bills and the economy the way it is there is no way that I can have that kind of surgery. I have already had one knee replaced back in 2006 and I am still paying the bills. Of course I have insurance but that only covers 70% of the bill plus I have a $1200.00 deductible that I would have to pay. With the wages I earn there is no way that I can work that into my budget at this time. Therefore, losing weight, and a lot of it, will benefit me beyond measure. Of course I have a great deal of weight to lose. Over 170lbs to be exact. That is what I will need to lose to get down to my ideal weight. I am no longer twenty something which means that it will take me much longer and with a very slow metabolism it will be even more difficult. Being over fifty years old doesn't make it any easier either. But I am motivated and I really need to do this.

I realise that losing weight will not cure all of my ills nor will it turn my life into a fantasy, but it will help my self esteem as well as the medical ramifications. I would join Weight Watchers again but right now I can't even afford that so I will just surf the net for low fat and low calorie recipes. If you have any please fell free to e-mail them to me. I would greatly appreciate them.

It is time for me to say good bye for now. I will keep you all in my prayers.


Friday, July 24, 2009

What's with the young men?

What is with the youth of today? I ask you! Do they really think it is cool to walk around in pants that are not only three sizes too large but ride so low on their butts that they have to hold them up when they walk so they don't fall down around their ankles? Not only that! They let their boxers show! What happened to common courtesy? Who wants to see someones underwear?

If you ask me they are just begging for an "atomic wedgie".

I am all for self expression. Really I am. But come on! There is such a thing as going to far. I would rather see tattoos and body piercings, than some kids underwear and their pants around their knees.

Maybe it is a form of rebellion against convention. I know when I was a kid parents thought bell bottom pants and long hair was scandalous. At least we didn't have to hold up our pants to walk around.

I guess as we get older and the new generations come of age, we will always find something to complain about. "Things just weren't done that way when I was young" type of things. I can't wait to see what the next generation will come up with!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I love the south!!!

I moved to South Carolina in July of 1995 from Indiana. I must say that I have never regretted the move. I had never lived in the south before and never even visited South Carolina before the move. When we arrived in Greenville, the weather was hot and sultry. I could see the mountains in the distance shrouded in a light gray mist that I could almost feel. And the green of the area was so bright it looked animated. The best part of arriving in Greenville was the feeling I got in my heart and in my stomach when we crossed the North Carolina/South Carolina boarded. I felt like I had finally come home. I grew up in Indiana, graduated from high school there. I moved to Pennsylvania where I lived for over twelve years and I even spent a few months in Florida, but I had never in my life felt that feeling of coming home. Of belonging, until I came to Greenville South Carolina.

Most of the people I have met are friendly and hospitable. There are those of course, who are still fighting "The war of northern aggression" and make no bones about letting "Yankees" know just how they feel. But all in all, I love the south. I can almost say "y'all" like a native!

That's it for now. I just wanted to let you know that being in the south is not synonymous with stupid. There are many very intellegent and talented people born and bred in the south.

Good luck and may you always look for the best in any situation no matter how dyer.


Friday, July 17, 2009

Thank God for friends!

Dear Friends,
Previously I wrote about the fire and how I felt I was intruding on a friends hospitality. I guess I should have said that A friend took me into her home in my time of need. She has a heart as big as Texas, a sense of humor that can take you by suprise. Oh, and three cats. One female and two males. Lovey, the female, is the only one that will even come near me. Rupert, a solid black male, barely tolerates me and Buddy, also a male, runs the minute I step into the room. I have had that affect on men but never on a cat! But enough about my love life, which is at the moment non existant.

Thank you Julie for your friendship and your help.


My first blog!!!

Dear Friends,
This is my first try at blogging. I have been wanting to start a blog for quite a while now and have finally started.
Here is a little about myself: I am a 52 year old widow that lives in Greenville South Carolina. I enjoy reading and watching movies. My favorite authors are Nora Roberts and Linda Howard. I also like Sherrilynn Kenyon's Dark Hunter series.
I also love to write. I have written several poems that I will share with you from time to time and I have also written a 100,000 word manuscript that I am trying to get published. I am still looking for an agent at the moment

This year has not been good to me so far. The fates are testing me and my sense of humor I think. On the 2nd of January a very dear friend of mine passed away at the age of 58. On January 7th my step father whom I loved dearly also passed away. Then in March my father passed away after a long illness. As they say bad things come in threes. Well, for me so far, it has come in fours. Over the July 4th weekend, the apartment building that I have lived in for six years caught fire at 2:30 in the morning and now I am forced to intrude on a friends hospitality until another apartment comes available next month.

I truely hope the rest of this year starts looking up. I have tried to maintain the philosophy that there are those who are worse off than I am. At least I still have a job that I love and have been at for nearly 14 years. The friend that I am staying with lost her job nearly 2 months ago and is still looking.

I have so much more to write but I think I will save it for another time.

To all of my loved ones, may the sun always shine on your face and the rain make your flowers grow.